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Welcome to our first ever B U Go Off virtual interview with fashioner, Amy Lesko...


"Amy, BUG Off is so excited to have you join us virtually for this interview :) Let's get started with your story. Tell us about your journey to date."


"I've worked in the creative industry for 4+ years after graduating from university with a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration. I've worked in in-house design environments since graduating so I know my way around Adobe Creative Suite! Over the past few years I slowly stopped shopping with fast fashion brands and invested my money into small, sustainable businesses, and I think that's what led me to where I am today! I’ve combined my love of illustration (primarily fashion illustration) with my love of fashion to create Shop Amy."


"Your illustrations are absolutely adorable! I know how difficult it can be to come up OG designs. Can you tell us about some obstacles or challenges you have faced within your biz?"


"Since deciding to launch the brand I have literally learnt how to make a wearable garment! I had a small amount of textile skills and have had my sewing machine since I was a teen. However since Jan 2020 I've learnt how to sew to a professional standard, bought new machines and tools and took time to learn about different fabrics, pattern grading and the world of sustainability."


"Continually facing learning curves is definitely a part of an ever growing slow fashion company. In three words what is Shop Amy? Give us a brief run down of how Shop Amy operates."

AMY- "Shop Amy stands for fun, handmade, kind. My brand only uses sustainable fabrics and packaging. Supports local industry. Only produces small, limited quantities. Handmakes each and every item and is anti fast-fashion. Shop Amy produces cute ‘garms for the kind minded!"

BUG OFF- "Speaking of local, tell our readers how living in The Midlands is." AMY-

"I love that I'm located in a little village outside the main city that has so much history in textile manufacturing! This is how I found my embroidery manufacturer who is only a 10 minute drive from my home - allowing me to keep everything locally sourced and to have a face-to-face connection with who is embroidering your clothes!" BUG OFF-

"Sounds like an ideal setup! Any downsides?" AMY-

"The WEATHER!!! I am a sun and summer child so the constant drizzle and grey skies really bring my mood down. I'm most creative when the sun's out as I feel I have all the time to work and create. However when it's dark and cold, all I want to do is sit on the sofa and snuggle with my dog." BUG OFF-

"Snuggles with the doggo sounds purf! Alright, this is always something I find everyone to be curious of... How do you price your clothing?"


"I try to price my garments as low as can whilst still trying to make a living! I know sustainable fashion isn't accessible to all as fast fashion has made the pricing bar so low it's so hard to compete! However I always mark up my products so that they don't break the bank."


"Amy, thank you for taking the time to give us an insight to your slow fashion brand. I know we at B U Go Off are excited to see where you take this fun, kind, handmade brand!"

Today Amy is launching a new AW 20 clothing collection, called "Lil Devil". Be sure to check it out by following this link-

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<3 SEARCH/ CONTACT SHOP AMY BELOW <3 Web - Insta - @shopamyclothing Email - TikTok - @ amylesko

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